Gensun Premium Cast Aluminum Alloy Furniture

Gensun prides itself on producing high quality and high value furniture. Most of their production team have been with Gensun from the beginning. Their knowledge and skill can be seen in the rich detail of the final product. All of their products are made by hand and not mass produced. Great care and hard work go into every piece of furniture making sure the product is built with quality in mind at every step.

The materials used in producing a product are just as critical as the craftsmanship. When a high-quality product is the final goal, one must start with high quality materials. Gensun uses cast aluminum alloy 356, T5 and T6 temper aluminum extrusions. 356 aluminum casting alloy is used for aircraft parts, high velocity blowers and structural castings where high strength is desired. 

Gensun also uses paint, fabrics and outdoor wicker that meet or exceed industry standards for fading, wear and withstanding the outdoor elements.